Friday, February 1, 2013

Money Cheats For Msp

videoHi it's cheerprincess1122 from moviestarplanet. This is for most of the newbies who don't really now a lot but now you will know because I am gonna tell you some tips and trick for msp!
On secret is that when you go to someones house and they have pets click on them and click the heart and you get 1 2 or 3 starcoins. Another one is watching movies they earn you 10sc unless you comment something random and rate 5 stars and click enter a lot of times you will get a lot of sc. You can also get greetings play games buy v.i.p. or go to chatrooms and collect sc or do quizzes!
I would recommend buying v.i.p. because you can get up to 50.000 sc 350 diamonds and exclusive items! You can not earn diamonds but everyone wishes you can.