Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fame Cheats For MovieStarPlanet

Hey it's cheer again with the tricks for moviestarplant a.k.a msp so todays trick/cheat is a fame cheat very easy very simple! So first your gonna make a short movie and ask people to watch them.....Since there short they really won't have a problem because that gives them star coins and by them watching your movie they give you fame and star coins! Another one is autos so if you ask someone who's v.i.p. like me they only have to wait 15 minutes and since most are on high levels they will give you a whole bunch of fame depending on what level your on! Also you can play games or if you have diamonds you can spin the fame wheel which gives you a lot and greetings! That's all the tricks/cheats I know for getting more fame.....BYE!